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Converse Sued by Man Who Says Classic Chucks Didn't Protect His Feet

Posted June 10, 2017 under Fashion

Converse Sued

I Chucked My Chucks …

They Tore Up My Toes!!


Converse‘s classic shoes aren’t made for walkin’ as much as they’re made for hurtin’ your feet … according to a new lawsuit.

A California man says he bought a pair of Chuck Taylors as work shoes — he walks around to advertise his website — but the sneakers couldn’t protect his dogs from getting seriously corny.

In the docs, he says he got a nasty corn on his left foot that was so bad and so deep … it “interferes with the nervous system of my toes.” Seriously.

He wants $10k to cover his long-term foot care, and to pay for a footwear upgrade. We’d suggest a comfy pair of orthotics, perhaps?

We reached out to Converse, but no word back.

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