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Kevin Hart Says Kevin Durant's Mom Still Spanks Him

Posted June 13, 2017 under Sports

Kevin Hart

Kevin Durant’s Mom Still Spanks Him

(Congrats, Though!)

6/13/2017 11:27 AM PDT

Kevin Durant just whooped some serious ass on the court (sorry, LeBron), but Kevin Hart thinks the Finals MVP is still getting HIS butt kicked off the court by “The Real MVP” — his mama!

Everyone saw Wanda Durant getting all motherly with Kevin during the post-game festivities at Oracle Monday night, including KH, who took to his Instagram to congratulate KD and get a couple jabs in.

Kevin’s thoughts? Basically that Wanda still lays down the law old school style on her boy — by actually spanking him — and Hart can tell this from the way she was all up in his grill after the game.

It’s pretty hilarious stuff …  the (much) smaller Kevin did manage to give Durant props for winning his first title … although he told TMZ Sports he was rooting for LeBron before the series.

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